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Chile is a culturally rich country with thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean coastline. This vast place is home to vibrant cities and majestic mountain ranges, both sure to make your jaw drop. Rest assured, you can find any kind of adventure you may be searching for in this impressive and understated South American country.


Things to Do

Buena Vista Neighborhood: Beautiful neighborhood with shops, restaurants, accommodations, and a lively nightlife scene.


Barrio Lastarria: An up-and-coming Barrio Italia neighborhood that's a joy to explore.


Embalse El Yeso: Only a two-hour drive from Santiago, and you'll discover some of the most magnificent views in all of South America.


Santiago Metropolitan Park: Hill in northern Santiago, Chile. The panoramic view spans the entire city. Also, there's a gorgeous outside theater at the crest of the park. You can take funicular, or hike up and down to get around.


Stargazing in Vicuna or San Pedro: Do not miss this. Unlike any terrestrial experience you've had, check their world-renowned observatories!


Wineries: Viña Cousiño Macul is a dreamy space. Walk through one of the oldest wine cellars in Chile and taste some of South Americas best wines.

Places to Eat

Mossto Brewfood: Combines two favorites: beer and amazing dining.


Wonderland Cafe: Known for their great breakfast, delicious cakes, and strong coffees.


Buena Vista Neighborhood

Barrica 94: Seafood, wine, great vibes. Absolutely worth stopping in for a meal!

Galindo: Highly recommended by locals and the perfect stop in during a day of touring the city.


Krossbar Bellavista: Fantastic service and refreshing beer make it a perfect hangout spot for a sunny day in Santiago.

Vendetta Patio Bellavista: Nice, cozy and eclectic space paired with seafood and Italian to satisfy ranging appetites.

Puerto Bellavista: Excellent seafood and service, a relaxing spot for dining alone or with a large group.

Places to Drink

BocaNariz: The hippest wine bar in Santiago, not to be missed.


Chipe Libre: Wooden tables and an expansive garden patio, this hangout spot is prime for drinking a Pisco and absorbing the energy of Santiago.

La Piojera: In the center of historic part of Santiago this is a great stop for someone looking for cocktails and relaxing music.


Liguria: Fantastic cocktails in a laidback atmosphere.

Places to Stay

The Bellavista Hostel: Central location, all staff and travelers are incredibly social, and it's accessible to anything you'll want to check out!

La Chimba Hostel: Nestled in one of the most lively areas of the city. This hostel is perfect for anyone wanting to meet people and be in the center of the Santiago fun.

General Tips

Like all places, it is important to be vigilant for pickpocketers and scammers. A well-known scam in Chile is the "bird poop." Scammers will throw a liquid on you from behind so you are disoriented, then offer to "help." During this process, they help will pickpocket or steal your bag. Be aware -- although we would hope all people have good intentions, this is a real problem for tourists in Santiago and much of South America.

Ski Portillo: If you want an unmatched experience of skiing the Andes in style, this is the place for you. You can stay in hostel-style rooms for fairly cheap, or splurge on traditional hotel rooms for a bit more, which includes a nice sit down dinner every night in the fees.


For skiers: the slopes are carefully groomed and attended to, plus the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. While the resort only allows for a few hundred visitors each week of the season, this keeps the mountains in pristine condition and lets you get heaps of runs in each day.

It's only a couple of hours from Santiago and the resort offers private shuttles that will pick you up from the airport or where you're staying and then drop you back off in the city at the end of your stay.



Things to Do

Free Walking Tour: Most hostels offer this and the guides traditionally make their money off tips. This is a great way to see the city and get your bearings if you want to wander around.

If tours are not your thing, still wander around and check out the graffiti. The whole city is covered in incredible, colorful murals. Just be careful not to venture up too high (the town sits on a huge hill) where it gets a bit sketchy.

Take a ride on one of the Ascensors (elevators): they are a a cheap way to get up the hills and offer incredible views-but don't forget to bring cash!

Check out La Sebastiana Museum: once home to the famous poet Pablo Neruda. Nestled in the hills, the views of the port are beautiful.

Casa Luisa Bistro & Wines: For a nice mix of Latin seafood and Mediterranean, check out this local spot.

El Peral: The decor and the view are a real highlight. Located by the El Peral you get a wide open view of the city and the sea.


Malandrino: Pizza! Which, of course, is always a good call.


Restaurant La Concepcion: Enjoy fresh Seafood and soak in astounding views, what more could you want?

Places to Eat

Places to Stay

Nómada Eco Hostel: An eco-conscious space dedicated to creating a green-inspired dwelling for travelers. This social hostel is in a great location, and is easily accessible to hot spots around the city.


Hotel Fauna: This has some nice perks, breakfast is included and there's free Wifi. This is solid options spot for solo travelers or smaller groups.


Zerohotel: A cozy hub in a safe part of town. Reasonably priced, if you're comparing hotel vs hostel rates.

Ski Portillo

Vina del Mar

Vina del Mar






Viña Cousiño Macul


General Tips

Valparaíso is a vibrant town with much to offer. It's best not to arrive with much of an agenda, as you will get the most out of simply exploring it's cozy streets. 

Safety: Of course, it is important always to be on guard when traveling abroad. We found in this town that the higher you go, the less safe it was so just be sure to stay close to sea level and travel in large groups on well lit streets at night.

Bring cash!!! Most of the attractions will require cash and we found that our hostel did as well, despite what the online booking had said. The ATMs did not work well so be prepared and come with all of the cash that you think you will need.


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