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Special thanks to Rachel Ng @advntrs_of_martharay and Peter Van Emburgh  @petervanemburgh for the photos!

Prague is such a magical city- one of our favorite trips abroad! It was one of the few European cities not to be devastated by WWII, and you’ll fall in love with its whimsical, fairytale-like nature. Prague, like Venice, is a city you can easily do in two days.


Things to Do

Day trip to the Bone Church & Kutna Hora: Explore these UNESCO sites and wander around a chapel made completely of human bones. Sounds creepy, but it's often one of people's favorite sites that they visit.

Dancing House: Head up top for great view of the city!

John Lennon Wall: A staple of Prague, the John Lennon Wall is just across the St. Charles’s Bridge. Bring a sharpie to sign it! Nearby is the John Lennon Pub, which is fun to pop in to.

Jewish Quarter/ Cemetery: A tourist staple. Walk around to see the synagogues, cementary, museums, and more. 

Kampa: Art museum with a bunch of stuff outside. Fun to walk through

Metronome: Fun little city hike. Great people watching. Really good view.

Narodni Galerie: Super wealthy family's personal gardens. Fun walk. Peacocks everywhere. There is an albino one hiding there most days.

Old Clock Tower: It’s beautiful. Make sure to go up top for great views of Prague.

Old Town Square: The old center of Prague that is home to the beautiful, old church, the clock tower, tons of restaurants and many performers. It’s wonderful to just sit here and listen to the performances or stop into one of the restaurants with heat lamps and blankets.

Petrin Tower: "The Eiffel Tower" of Prague. Really nice view. Big park, and a rose garden near it.

Prague Castle: The castle sits above Prague, but is an easy walk from the St. Charles’s Bridge. It boasts amazing views of the city, and has a gorgeous cathedral you can go into.

Riegrovy Sady: Big park with a beer garden at the top. If the Euro Hockey Championships are going on, you should definitely stop by. Really cool place to meet a bunch of people.

St. Charles’s Bridge: A beautiful bridge that connects the Old Town Square to the John Lennon Wall and Prague Castle. There are street vendors all along the bridge selling postcards, images of the John Lennon Wall, ornaments, etc. You can definitely talk them down and most will accept euros in addition to the czk. Look out for the image of the dog on one of the statues : if you pet it, it will bring you luck.

Places to Eat

  Breakfast places 

Cafe Savoy: Make a reservation a day or two in advance. Their French toast is a must.

Krusta Bakery: Try the signature Prague trdelnik- it's delicious.


The Globe: Café/bookstore owned by an English guy. Great breakfast food and a nice place if you need to work.




Mamy: Korean food and sushi. They also have free tap water.


Maly Buddha: Really great Asian food at a reasonable price!


Nase Maso: Butcher type of shop with amazing meat sandwiches, burgers, etc, for super cheap.


Strahov Monastery: A brewery and restaurant in one, and some of the best beer in Prague. Bonus? You overlook Petrin Hill for outstanding views!

Vino di Vino: Highly recommended all around.



Cafe NONA: Overlooks everything from the third floor of the National Theater.


Cafedu: Study cafe behind the Museum near Wenceslas Square, tons of students and a great place to sit and get work done.


Cafe Neustad: Great hummus and platters, and good music always.


Panerai: The cheesecake is incredible and only costs about a dollar per slice.


MyRaw Cafe: Close to old town. Everything is natural/organic/that kind of vibe, and a great place to work, study or chill. Their cakes are delish - get the banana cheesecake.


Monolok Cafe: Modern study cafe, quiet, and has outdoor space for when it’s warm.


Styl & Interier: A hidden gem that's super adorable.

Other notables:

Banh Mi Makers

Bohemia Bagel

Cafe Louvre




Places to Drink

James Dean: 60's themed diner/ dance bar.


Karlovy Lazne: One of the largest clubs in Europe, with five different floors! Ok yeah it can be touristy (we're looking at the lower basement ice bar area), but it's FUN.


Lucerna: Right off the metro line in Wenceslas Square. Every Friday is an 80s/90s dance party. You do need a ticket to get in, and we recommend going a tad early to avoid the line!

Mosaic House: Karaoke on Wednesdays!


Radost FX: Rihanna filmed a music video here. It's got a clubby dance floor on one side and a bar on the other.


The PUB: Make reservations if you're going with a big group! They have tables with taps in the middle and scoreboards to compete and see who drank the most beer.


Roxy: Go on Monday nights.


U Sudu: Underground bar with 3 rooms - each one has a different bar. Great place for a pregame! Be warned, it's smoky.

Places to Stay

Hostel One Prague: Backpacker friendly, super affordable, and in a great location!

Airbnb also has great options. 


The airport is accessible by a super cheap/easy metro or bus ride.

From the airport, the bus takes you from the airport to the first stop on the yellow line. From there you can ride the metro into the city anywhere between the Mustek and Florenc sstops. On the way to the airport, do the same thing in reverse, getting off the last stop on the yellow line to take the bus.

As in any city, be aware that some metro lines stop earlier in the night than others!

"Kozel" was by far a favorite beer

All restaurants are basically family owned and have the same menu. Czech food is ridiculously cheap, so eat out a lot, but do it away from Old town and the castle. Prices will be way cheaper.

Order "sveech : kova" spelled (svitckova) at least once. It may not be on the menu, but everywhere will have it. It's bread dumplings and beef roast. Super heavy meal, but incredible.


Make sure you eat a "trdelnik"! Also known as a chimney cake, and are the amazing looking spun dough deserts roasted over a chestnut fire and glazed with sugar. They're everywhere in Old Town Square! Bonus points? Fill it with ice cream.

General Tips


Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov

Prague - Clock Tower

Prague - Clock Tower


Prague - Dancing House

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