There's just something about Scandinavia that tugs at our heart strings -- the quaint streets, history, kind people, and relaxed pace make Denmark an incredibly beautiful place to visit. 


Things to Do

Amager Beach: If you want a beach, there are two metro stops to get there: either Oresund or Amager Strand. Amager is nice, but expect cold water.

Christianhavn: Prettiest canal area in Copenhagen and sits right along main canal. It's a quick metro stop or easy bike ride away. You can walk along the canal, view the Church of our Savior, which is a  cool spiral staircase where you can go to the top, and get views of the entire city. 

Christania: A hippie town where the government has given them free reign to do what they want. That's right -- no laws (outside of murder, obviously). It's cool to walk around and see how the town runs, and you can legally buy weed. Key note, don't take pictures!

Brygge: A relaxing place to ride your bike out to. Check out their  swimming area and outdoor park. 

Kastellet: An old military fortress that is simply beautiful. Nestled right by the little mermaid statue.

Nyhavn: This picturesque spot is ripe with beautiful canal and boats. Take a canal cruise (but take the blue boats because they are 1/2 as expensive and do the same tour), or, stroll down the busy streets for a bite to eat and refreshing Gelato.

Rosenborg Slot (castle) and Kings Garden (Kongens Have):  A simply sublime park where you can sit on the lawn, drink and hang out, all while soaking in the history of a dope castle.

Strøget: Premiere shopping street with tons of cool shops and street performers. Definitely check out the Hay House, which has a great view of the street and is a cool isle of shops.

Tivoli: Oldest amusement park in world, and still running!

Westmarket: Marketplace with tons of shops and every type of food you can imagine.

Streets to walk down:

Kompadnistræde (good food along here)


Strøget (main shopping street, must see!!)




Places to Eat

Acacia: A fresh, tasty vegan bakery.

Café Alma: Incredible tapas-style brunch spot on a quiet street. Pick 5 or 7 plates from their drool-worthy menu.


Kiin Kiin Bao Bao: Ridiculously good. Nothing else needs to be said. 

Mad & Kaffe: Great cafe that has a few locations around town

Mirabelle: Another delicious bakery


Next Door Café: A quaint breakfast joint with huge portions.


Plantepolsen: Stop here for some vegan hot dogs. Sounds strange, but they're delectable.

Rajissimo: Delicious gelato chain. Be sure to go to the one in Nyhavn for the picturesque setting.

Souls: Although we love Acacia, this is best vegan restaurant in Copenhagen.

Torvehallerne: Known for herring and a sandwich called Smørrebrød. 

Torvehallerne: This expansive glass building is a two-sided central market with tons of great options

Other Notable Mentions

Green Burger

The organic boho


Nyhavn: Colorful neighborhood for quick food and casual drinks.

Meat Packing: Pocket with tons of mouth-watering restaurants.

Reffen: Cool street-food island, which makes it perfect for your post-munchies cravings in Christiania

Places to Drink

Cheteau Motel: Popular nightclub that always brings the party.

Mikeller: Grab your beers here. This is a must-do, since they originated in Copenhagen and the delicious options are endless. They have a brewery at Reffen. 


Stroget area: Plenty of entertainment options on this street called Gothersgade, which is right by Nyhavn. No open container laws.

Places to Stay

Sleep in Heaven: This hostel isn't too far from the thick of things, but very reasonably priced,  and super clean with tons of room options. They also have bikes for rent, a bar/bakery on site, and tons of plush pillows and couches to read or relax on. 

Dan Hostel: Huge, high rise hostel on the river that is known to host the rowdy crowd. If you want to meet other sociable travelers, this is the place to stay. Book early, this spot stays full.


Copenhagen has a Metro and train -- both will take you directly from the airport into the city center. You can even take the train to Sweden, if you're up for a little side trip. 

There is no Uber, and taxis are expensive, so spend most of your time walking!

Renting a bike is the best way to see the city. If it's too far to bike or walk, take the metro. 

General Tips

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Entrance to Tivoli Amusement Park

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