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These featured travelers are an integral part of The Travelogue’s identity. We’re all about collaboration, and we wanted to share their experiences from all over the world with our readers. The Travelogue is dedicated to providing quality content that spans the globe, and these guest blogs do just that.

Want a chance to be featured or have a story to share? Shoot us a bit about yourself and your network at thetravelogueonline@gmail.com

Callum Alexander

Callum is an entrepreneur, writer and explorer with a passion for seeking out the road less travelled. Having visited 37 countries (and counting), Callum takes you off the beaten track to unearth stunning trails, hidden beaches and life-changing meals only a local would know of - a valuable guide for any true wanderer. 

Loves surfing, exploring untouched rainforests, finding lost coves, and coming across English tea in the most unlikely of places.

Favorite places are Kerala (India), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Canggu (Indonesia). 

You'll most likely find him befriending a local surfer.

Next destination is Italy. 

Follow along on Callum's endless adventures on his Instagram heycallum or his blog Happy Nomad.

Sam Merritt

 Video Producer based out of the West Coast, USA.  Sam attended the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, where he learned a "Run & Gun" style of filmmaking. Video & Photo content filmed on location in over 15+ countries over the last 3 years. Endless stories provide endless inspiration and short-form video can provide a quick glimpse into these worlds.

Loves to scuba /free dive, chase sunsets and sunrises & all things urban exploration.

Favorite places are Vietnam, Thailand & Portugal. 

You'll most likely find him behind the camera in the midst of the madness. 

Next destinations are Philippines, Laos and Hong Kong.

Follow his amazing adventures through film or on Instagram at @Sam_merritt .

Christina Vidal 

The travel blogger behind Jetset Christina. She has been to 55 countries and counting. Her swoon-worthy Instagram (ranked in the top 7 Travel Instagrams to Follow by Travel & Leisure) is all about showcasing the world’s most exotic and luxurious destinations.

Loves brunching, snorkeling and sunset sailing.

Favorite places are Cape Town, Bali, and French Polynesia.

You'll most likely find her lounging by an infinity pool or eating a smoothie bowl at her favorite cafe in Bali.

Next destination is Australia.


Follow her around the world at JetsetChristina.com or on Instagram @jetsetchristina.

Shelby Dubin

 Behind The Dubin Diaries is the avid adventurer and traveler, Shelby Dubin. Having visited 24 countries and 5 continents, she is passionate about sharing her travel diaries as well as tips and tricks to make your travel experiences even better! Her “real-girl” travel style makes it easy to follow along and connect!

Loves getting lost, eating delicious food, and discovering cool local spots.


You’ll most likely find her eating brunch before exploring the next amazing destination. 


Next destinations: Italy, Greece, Malta


Follow her Travel Diary of the world at TheDubinDiaries.com or on Instagram @thedubindiaries

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