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Come for the beer and bratwurst, stay for the culture, beautiful architecture and fast cars on the autobahn. But seriously, whether you want to explore cities, get lost in the Black Forest, or never stop eating bread, Germany is such a popular tourist destination that you won't regret visiting!


Things to Do

BMW Museum and Factory: Totally recommended if you stay before or after Oktoberfest a few days. If you make an appointment a few weeks in advance, you can test drive cars at the factory and watch them being made.

Glochenshpiel: Beautiful clock tower.

Dachau: The first concentration camp is located just outside of Munich. Hop on the tram to get there!

Marienplatz: A beautiful square that is the heart of the city! 

Mike's Bike Tour: Definitely do this with a big group or gather friends from your hostel. It's a lot of fun and one of the best things to do to see the city.

Nymphenburg Palace: Don't miss out on this regal Bavarian Palace. Schedule a tour to explore the Baroque interior, or hang o

Oktoberfest: Let's be honest, Munich is most popular multiple week long festival. If you're headed to Munich for the event, check out our general tips section below for more information! 

Shopping: Get a dirdle! They are the comfiest, most fun dresses you’ll ever own, and can be recycled for Halloween! There are a few places around the Oktoberfest site that open early in the morning so you can get some there, or there is another place that has tons of stock en route from the Marriott Courtyard to the tents (opens at 9am).

Viktualilenmarkt: Wander around here for food and shopping!

Englischer Garten: A beautiful park with various sections. 

  • Surfers- There is a little section of the park where the Eisbach river turns in to a surfing area! A cool site to see as many of the locals go for their daily surf

  • The Chinese Tower Beer Garden


Olympium Park: This park is the location for many festivals in Munich! There is always something going on here. It is also a very beautiful park for a nice picnic or just to hang out and enjoy the scenery

Places to Eat

Chocolaterie Beluga: The name says it all. Get your fix. 

Haxnbauer: Great spot for meat eaters! Try traditional wursts and pork.

Hofbrauhaus: Beyond Oktoberfest, this beerhall is located in Munich with many options for traditional Bavarian food and, of course, beer.

L'Osteria: Cause it wouldn't be a Travelogue guide without recommending some of the best pizza in town. 

Rischart Bakery: The most amazing baked goods.

Wagners: Healthy options for when you need a break from all the beer and pretzels.

The White Rabbit Cafe: Serves breakfast, baked goods, and coffee! A cute little cafe to relax and re-group

During Oktoberfest: Inside the tents you’ll find donuts, pretzels, rotisserie chicken and fries, but outside the tents, there are even more amazing foods to try. The bratwurst there is unreal, and all of the food trucks are reasonable and delicious. When you’re booking your flights, think about leaving a little later on Sunday so you can go back to Oktoberfest and just eat!

Places to Drink

Augustenerkeller Biergarden: One of the most authentic beer gardens in Munich.

P1: If you’re not dead after the day, definitely try to rally and go out. This club is really fun, and everyone will still be in their Oktoberfest outfits and drunkenly ordering bottle service every 5 minutes. There is a cover charge, but it’s only about 10 euros and they accept all credit cards, which rocks.

Kuntspark: This is the area with the most popular clubs and bars! Take the S-Bahn from Oktoberfest to get here.

The Chinese Tower Beer Garden: Located within the Englischer Garten. This beer garden is particularly special because of the Chinese Tower! Grab a drink after a nice day at the park

089 ("Null Acht Neun"): A popular place to dance and drink! The locals love a good night out!

Americanischer: A hole in the wall bar that is right next to the Marienplatz! A must go to when visiting Munich

Places to Stay

Marriott Courtyard: It’s a little expensive, but if there is one weekend that it’s worth it, it’s Oktoberfest. You’re a 5/10 minute walk from the tents, and it’s SO nice being able to go back to a legitimate hotel and not a hostel. They also have free wifi in the lobby and a good restaurant, and 99% of the people staying there are American college students during that weekend. You definitely have to book early though.


Wombats Hostel: However, if you're trying to save money and meet other travelers, this is the place for you! They've got a fully stocked bar, areas to hang out, and it's only about 10 minutes away from Oktoberfest and most of the city center sights.


Munich has an extensive tram, train, and bus system! Use it to your advantage to get around. If you're staying moreso in Munich during Oktoberfest, you'll take a quick 10 minute tram ride to get there. Ask your hotel or hostel for specific directions. 

When purchasing tickets, pay close attention to the zones in which you are traveling in! The Munich transportation system is divided up into 6 zones.

General Tips 


Make sure you book early. Many people recommend 5-6 months in advance.

Oktoberfest is free to attend! It should be noted, while many see it as a weekend to drink as much beer as possible, many Bavarian locals and families come as well. There are parades, dancing, carnival rides, various performances, and even a flea circus. We also highly recommend adding a few days to any Oktoberfest to actually explore the city or surrounding areas.

If you have a group of ten or larger, you might want to book a table in a tent. Do some research to figure out which fits your vibe, and contact the tent through their website directly. It's often free, but you have to buy a certain amount of booze and food to book it once there.

There are 14 tents total. While we recommend Hofbrauhaus for the most lively/party/diverse scene, Hackerbräu is decked out in traditional blue and white Bavarian decor, Augustiner Festhalle is the most family friendly,  and Schottenhamel is the largest - fitting 10,000 people. Try to explore them all, don't stick to just one! 

If you don't like beer, unfortunately Oktoberfest might not be for you. Beware - water costs almost as much as a huge beer! However, there is a wine tent that has wine, champagne, pastries, and depending on the time of day, cocktails. Ask around to figure out where it is.


Glochenshpiel in Marienplatz


Glochenshpiel in Marienplatz

Nymphenburg Palace

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