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Your sisterhood of the traveling pants might not fit after you fill yourself with gyros and tzatziki, but it'll be worth it to explore the beautiful country of Greece. Scattering the Aegean Sea, the coastlines of the Greek Islands plummet into some of the bluest waters you'll ever see. Whether you're yachting, sunbathing on a beach, hiking, or exploring by ATV, you're sure to fall in love.


Things to Do

Explore the Acropolis: The ancient town situated above the city of Athens houses ancient buildings, the most famous being the Parthenon. Go early in the morning to beat the crowds and school groups!


National Archaeological Museum: Incredible! See stories from the beginning of recorded history.

Places to Eat

Daphne's Restaurant: Plaka was delicious. Get the meatballs!


Kostas: Best souvlaki in Athens. Opened in 1947, now run by the son of the founder, only about €1.20. Insanely good.


Alladin: A little outside of town, but definitely a locals only spot. They have huge portions and a fresh bakery to boot.


GH Attikos: Tucked away at the top of an older complex, this family run restaurant has A+ views of the Parthenon and high-quality food.

Ergon: Great for dinner. The assorted spread appetizer is a must-order.

Patisserie Artemis: Delicious gelato and gourmet baklava shop on a quaint walking street.

EDEM: Beautiful spot on the beach with fresh dishes. 

Other Notable Mentions:

Feeding Urban Gastronomy


The Old Tavern of Psara

Xenios Zeus

Places to Drink

City Zen: This hip spot has great mojitos and an incredible view of the Parthenon.


Lohan Nightclub: Mega club owned by Lindsey Lohan. Appropriately named.

Boliviar Beach Bar: A giant tiki bar that gets wild and stays open late.

Penarrubia: Nice, outside bar with fun music. 

Thea Terrace Bar: Great for a low key drink and small appetizer, while taking in a perfect view of the Parthenon

Places to Stay

Athens Backpackers Hostel: Has a rooftop bar with an epic view of the Acropolis.


Pan Hotel: It wasn't the most luxurious, but it was clean, reasonably priced and within walking distance of a lot of sites. They also served a great breakfast!

Airbnb is also a good option for affordable accommodation and great for larger groups.


Uber works in Athens through the taxi system. Use the app to call one and then the trip will be metered and charged through the app.


Things to Do

Hike: Jaunt up and around the island to enjoy 360 degree views of the Aegean Sea. A good marker to aim for is the flag, it's hard to miss.


Spilia Beach Bar: Take a dip and swim around the point to check out the cave. Also, we suggest rock jumping.


The Marina: Take a stroll around and soak in the beautiful boutiques. Unless you're balling without a budget, don't expect to buy anything -- everything is super pricey.

Places to Eat

Creperie Mikro: Whether you need a midday snack or a late-night meal, this joint will blow you away. Down the narrow streets of Hydra away from the port, you'll find this local gem nestled away.


Sunset Restaurant: Breathtaking views and equally impressive food. Family-style Greek cuisine and delicious wine to wash it down. Will leave you in awe.


The Cool Mule: Quick gelato café situated on the marina.

Places to Drink

Spilia Beach Bar: Want the best swim spot and sunset view all in one? This is your next stop. Enjoy a delicious daquiri and wade in the Grecian waters. With vast views of the most beautiful parts of Hydra, this gorgeous oasis is the perfect place for a happy hour drink.


There's only 4 vehicles on the island of Hydra, and they belong to public safety. You can only get around here by walking!


Things to Do

Explore Old Town: The streets of old town Mykonos are absolutely stunning. The whites, blues, and stones are every instagrammers' dream. However, make sure you wake up early to get shots of the streets without all the tourists!


Little Italy and the Windmills: While exploring old town, make sure you stop by these iconic spots.


Rent ATVs: Unique and memorable way to explore. They're relatively cheap, (50 Euro for a few hours), and you can literally explore the whole island in them -- stop by different beaches and viewpoints along the way! Make sure whoever is renting you the ATVs gives you a thorough review of what buttons you should or shouldn't push, and ask if you're responsible for filling up with gas (they'll probably give it to you pretty empty and you might need to fill it up quickly).

Tropicana Beach: This bar is known for getting pretty wild throughout the day. The beaches in this area are beautiful and have stunning blue water. You can take a bus from the Fabrika stop for about 2 dollars. They run roughly every 15-30 minutes. 

Places to Eat

Nice n Easy: Beautiful restaurant by the sea with a view of the windmills. Superb seafood pasta dishes. Most of their food is locally sourced and organic!

Olla: A cute spot in the heart of Mykonos. Their chicken souvlaki is a perfect Greek dish. Start off with their bruschetta! 

Snack Bar: This cheap gyro spot can only be found by wandering (but it's somewhere near Argo Bar). They have some of the best gyros you'll find.


Veranda: Nested in the center of Little Italy -- a little pricey, but worth it. They serve their salads in a jar so you can shake them up, and their huge milkshakes are for sure to leave you full.

Yummy: Perfect spot for a sweet or savory breakfast crepe!


Places to Drink

Mykonos nightlife is wild. Many say it's as good, if not better, than Ibizia. You can easily stay up to watch the sunrise and party days away at any of the many beach clubs. 

Argo: Smaller, fun, nightclub that'll play the best hits.

Scorpio's: Another wild beach bar.

Skandinavian Bar: This bar fills up a cobblestone courtyard, but don't miss out on going upstairs. Just a warning, guys and girls will have to pay a cover, but the charge goes towards your first drink!


Tropicana Beach Bar: Rowdy bar that'll keep the party rolling until the early morning.

Places to Stay

Matogianni: This cute hotel is nestled right in the middle of old town Mykonos. It's reasonably priced, and the staff is super helpful. They also have air conditioning.


Taxis in Mykonos are expensive, and Uber isn't available. Rent an ATV to explore, or take a bus to one of the many beaches.


If you need to get from old port to new port (or vice versa), take the quick 20 minute ferry. It runs every 30 minutes and only costs 2 euro.

The Yacht Week, Greece

View of the Acropolis, Athens

The Parthenon

Hydra, Greece

Hydra, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece


Things to Do

Volcano and Hot Springs: If you want to do something outdoorsy, this is a fun excursion! You can book a tour out of the Old Port, and we recommend the 3 hour tour for about 20 euros.  This takes you to the volcano, where you hike to the top of an active crater, then you head to the island of Palea Kameni to swim in the hot springs.  Also, you get to see donkeys!


Shopping in Fira: It’s fun to walk the town, especially at night time when it’s a bit cooler.  There are lots of fun shops and restaurants!


Explore Oia: This is the town that is pictured in most movies with the blue domes, which makes it pretty crammed with tourist.  It’s definitely fun to go explore and watch the sunset for a night, though.


Black Sand Beaches: You can go to either Perivolos or Perissa.  Perivolos is a long stretch of beach that has lots beach chairs.  You can rent a chair as long as you'd like for 6 euros.  Perissa is more of village, and has more restaurants and shops in addition to the beach.  If you have time you can go to the Red Beach, just know that it is harder to get to -- so if you are limited on time the Black Sand Beaches are easier to access and are nice as well!


Wine Tasting: Looking for a relaxing and boozy activity? Check out Santo Winery for some good wine and tastings!

Places to Eat

Vanilia Resturant: This is a  classic traditional Greek and Mediterranean restaurant.  Best part, you can eat on the roof to watch the sunset.  Amazing chicken gyros and hummus!


Galini Cafe: Great in the morning and at night! Amazing salads and a great sunset view as well.


Why Not! Souvlaki: Great place to get a gyro! 


Places to Drink

PK Cocktail Bar: Compared to Mykonos, Santorini is pretty tame. It's known for being romantic and more quiet. However, you can get great cocktails with a view here!


Places to Stay

Agnadema Apartments: This hotel sits just a 10 min walk outside the busy town of Fira in the small village of Firostefani.  With a spectacular view and amazing staff, this is the perfect place to spend your vacation. If you are looking for a little nicer of spot in Santorini without the outrageous prices, this is a must!  Also, the perfect place to watch the sunset, which is a highlight of Santorini -- no need for a Sunset Cruise!

Cave Hotels: There's no shortage in these crazy cave rooms where you can swim through a tunnel to a tremendous view -- a simple google search will provide Airbnbs, boutique hotels, and other options to book!

General Tips

Sunsets are a thing in Santorini, everyone lines up to watch them - this can be extremely overwhelming because there can be an abundance of tourists.  To avoid the crowds, a Sunset Cruise is a great idea or go outside of the city center to find a peaceful place to watch it at no cost. If you can find a hotel with a great view (like Agnadema Apartments), that's your best bet!


Things to Do

Rent ATVs: Grab your squad and ride up the island to find incredible lookout spots. Make sure to go off the road for the best views!


Go swimming at Love Bay.

Places to Eat

Pagotomania Gelato: Real Italian gelato with a wide variety of flavors. We loved them all, but don't miss out on the Watermelon Sorbet. 

Taverna Oasis: Options for family-style Greek meals. 


Places to Drink

Don't miss a day party at Love Bay.

Malibu for fun music and a packed crowd. 

Poros, Greece


Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Poros, Greece

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