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Malawi is surely to win your heart. With the kind smiles, vibrant fabrics, and gorgeous sunsets, you will soon find yourself falling in love with the Warm Heart of Africa.


Things to Do

Cape Maclear: A town in Mangochi District with busy resorts and similar to some bustling French towns.


Chitenje Market: Next to the Bwaila Hospital (ask a local because you'll have to weave through alleys), this market has gorgeous, vibrant fabrics you can buy by the meter then have shops tailor you clothing, bags and more. 


Lake Malawi is an African Great Lake located between Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. There are many parts of the lake you can visit and do so many activities! however, be aware some parts of the lake contain a parasite called schisto that you can get from swimming. To be safe, research the areas that might have it (like a hostel we mention below) and obtain your medication before.


Nkhata Bay: A very "Caribbeanesque" port/harbor town on the western shore of Lake Malawi. You can cliff jump, snorkel, kayak, scuba, hike, fish, sail, and more!


Mt. Mulanje: Known for neon green tea plantations and beautiful views no matter the time of day. You can decide to take a 3-4 day hike to Central Africa's highest point, Sapitwa. For affordable prices you can hire a guide and a porter (which is recommended) to help you out on this strenuous hike.


Nkhoma Mountain: A perfectly challenging hike which takes about 3 hours round trip, and is about a one hour drive from Liongwe, Malawi.


Lilongwe Wildlife Reserve: A rehab center for injured animals. You can spend time on the 3 different trails to walk around the reserve without a guide, or hire someone to take you around.


Safari in Zambia, South Luangwa River: We booked through Kiboko Safaris, and definitely recommend them! You'll cross the border and use a multi-entry visa to cross and come back.

Places to Eat

Four Seasons Complex on Presidential: Really nice square that holds a few delicious restaurants (Kat man du’s), a well-known bar (Chameleon’s), café (Ama’s), and large garden. Great area to sit outside and have drinks, beautiful wooded area with plants and a water stream going through it.


Lark Café: Amazing salads, quiches, sandwiches, smoothies. Has a large yard and play area for children, and comes with an ex-pat atmosphere.


Mum’s Table: Great Korean food with cute outdoor environment


If you're craving Indian food, Bombay Palace, Veg Delight (Old City Mall), and Blue Ginger (in area 12) are all great options.


Want Italian? We recommend Mama Mia’s or Mediterraneo.


They might be chain restaurants, but they're local and delicious. Grill House has Portuguese peri-peri (Malawi's hot sauce) grilled chicken and Galito’s has great grilled chicken and chips.

Places to Drink

Chameleon’s: Located in the Four Seasons Complex, you can find both ex-Pats and locals sharing a Green(the nickname for their standard beer, Carlsberg) here. Every Sunday night there is live “jazz” music from 7-9pm. On the last Thursday of every month, they have karaoke, too - but don't be fooled, it's not typical 'bad' American karaoke, every takes it seriously and is very good!


Harry’s Bar: Really awesome atmosphere with big, comfy couches and chairs outside with a huge projector screen to watch music videos or big sporting events. Inside there is a bar, usually a DJ, and a small wooden dance floor with one strobe light for dancing. You will mostly only find ex-Pats here.


The Cockpit: If you're searching for that clubby atmosphere.

Places to Stay

Funky Cichlid Hostel: Lakeside accommodation and beach bar (the hostel is on the Lake Malawi National Park) with tons of activities including snorkelling to see the neon blue and orange fish called cichlids, paddle boarding, kayaking, volleyball, and more. This is part of the lake where you'll want to get medication for the parasite.


Mayoka Village Beach Lodge and Resort: Awesome activities including horseback riding through the forest or in the oceans, and scuba diving at super cheap prices.


You can stay in tents or chalets right outside of Lake Mawali National Park along the South Luangwa River - elephants, hippos, and other animals pass through daily and nightly! The campground facilities are A+ with hote water, an infinity pool, a gym, and an outdoor bar where you can hang out by the firepit. From here you can also have an option to go on a variety of safaris.


Mount Nkhoma

The Funky Cichild - on Lake Mawali

The Funky Cichild

Lake Mawali


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