Often overshadowed by neighboring Croatia and nearby Greece, Montenegro is a country many people don't even know about. However, don't sleep as many think it's the hidden gem that will explode within the next five years! Beautiful mountains, hikes, fjords, and the freshest seafood, you'll surely fall in love with Monty.


Things to Do

AquaPark Budva: If you have kids or are a kid at heart, a day here away from salty water can be good for you! 


Beaches: Budva has beatiful beaches. You can hand out around the marina, or check out Jaz Beach (beautiful blue water, camping, and nightlife), Morgren Beach (super secluded), or Ploce Beach (one of the most popular, but so, so pretty!).


Boat tours: If you want to explore beaches outside of the marina, walk around the water area to choose a taxi boat tour that can take you around to different beaches. It's a fun way to explore and see a lot of different areas!


Head to Hawaii: A short water taxi away, you can lounge around, swim, and dine.


Paragliding: We went with Paragliding Montenegro and they were amazing! You have beautiful views of the mountains, all of Budva, and the water.


Sveti Stefan: Tour around this fortified village which also contains luxury hotels and spas.


Watersports: Rent jet skis, go fly boarding, tube behind a boat, parasailing, and so much more!


Walk around Budva Old Town!

Places to Eat

Bahche: Turkish food in old town.


Jadran: Some of the best seafood in town.


Juice Bar: Great place for a quick bite, juices, or coffee. 

Places to Drink

Paris: huge nightclub with a mock Eiffel Tower. 


Torch Beach Club: Grab a table and some friends, and swim in the pool with a great view of the ocean.


Top Hill: MASSIVE night club, you guessed it, on top of a hill. They'll often have DJs, so expect to pay for your entry.


There's a strip of nightclubs in Budva - you'll be able to see the flashing lights and hear the music. Montenegro is big on table bookings, so maybe choose one and book a table that day. You can also wander around old town and pop into bars or join outside patios! You won't be bored. 

Places to Stay

Airbnb provides great options. 

Tips and Recommendations

Montenegro has a tourist tax that states all tourists must register with the office and pay the fee (about a euro a day) within 24 hours of entering the country. Most hostels or hotels do this automatically, and when staying in an airbnb, your host will typically take you to the office. However, this proves difficult if you're camping or staying on a boat, as you need a substantial amount of information on the charter company, the passports of your captain and guests, and more. We were very stressed at the chance of getting fined 300 euro upon leaving Kotor, however, at the airport were never met with any question to provide our pink slip. Do your best to register with the tourist office and pay the tax if it is not done for you, however, if you have issues, we would not worry too much about it. Many people are not even aware of the tourist tax. 


Things to Do

Boat trip to Our Lady of the Rocks: A 15 minute boat ride to check out a beautiful little church in the bay. 


Cat Museum: Cats are Kotor's 'thing', so visit this museum to see how much the people really love their felines.


Day Trips to Hikes and National Parks: Montenegro is STUNNING and has so many options for hikes, trips through fjords, and so much more. We highly recommend getting outside.


Hike up San Giovanni Fortress: The views you've been waiting for. Pro tip, you can enter from in town (you'll see signs) but you'll need to pay, so we recommend looking at the trail on Google Maps and going the 'back way' for free (it's marked as the Ladder of Kotor). It's WAY less crowded and way better. Depending on how in shape you are, the hike takes around 45 minutes to an hour.


Saint Nicholas's Church: Beautiful church looking over old town!


Wander Old Town: It's absolutely beautiful and is filled with wonderful shops and restaurants. 

Places to Eat

Ladovina: Pizza and wine, perfect for a lunch break.

Restaurant Galion: Beautiful restaurant on the water. 

Places to Drink

Letrika: Dance till dawn.

Places to Stay

Airbnb provides cheap options with beautiful views of fjords.

Hostel Centrum: Great location in old town. They also offer luggage storage (even if you aren't staying there) for under 5 euro a day. 


Things to Do

Island of Flowers: Beautiful monastery with a story.

Porto Montenegro Yacht Club: Revel in this beautiful infinity pool, grab a cocktail, and relax.

Shopping: Tivat is such a posh port. Window shop or get your card ready.

Places to Eat

Al Posto Gusto: Amazing restaurant on the water with terrific salmon and pasta options. 

Mala Barka: Great place to get fresh 

Places to Stay

Once again, airbnb is an affordable option. Make sure to look for rooms with air conditioning! 

View of Kotor from San Giovanni's fortress

Porto Montenegro Yacht Club

Porto Montenegro


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