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Special thanks to Parker Rhodes, Allie Arnone, and Jacob Conger for the recommendations

There’s a reason it’s dubbed the city that never sleeps. This fast-paced environment attracts personalities from across the globe. A chaotic melting pot bursting with life, NYC is the hub to work hard and play harder.


Things to Do

9/11 Memorial: Plaza at ground zero that honors the victims of 1993 & 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attacks. Be sure to visit the museum if you have time or head to the top of One World Observatory for insane views.

Broadway shows: Same day tickets are always cheapest, Today Tix usually has great seats for affordable rates as well or there are TKTS ticket booths all around the city. Avoid the one in Times Square as the lines will be incredibly long.

Bronx Zoo: Exotic animals in the city. 

Central Park: Take a stroll in the famous park where you’ll see a ton of luscious grass, cute dogs, and amazing artwork in the center of the city. Rent bikes, take a picnic, or sit in a field and enjoy serene space in the chaotic city. 

Explore Chelsea art galleries: With all different styles of galleries to choose from, experience art from ranging time periods while enjoying a stroll through the trendy Chelsea neighborhood.


Empire State Building: Iconic office tower that has an observatory on the 86th and 102nd floors.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: The most famous museum in the city. Experience over 5,000 years of art from around the world!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral: Neo-gothic church from the 1800’s that harbors breathtaking architectural design and stained glass.

The High Line: Popular park/walkway that rests 30-feet above street level and has awesome views of the river and city.

Top of the Rock: Observatory on top of Rockefeller Center. Buy your ticket ahead of time as this can get super packed.

Walk (or ride bikes) across the Brooklyn bridge & eat at at Smorgasboard's collection of various food carts, restaurant trucks, etc.

Places to Eat


Andrews Coffee Shop: Awesome breakfast and coffee stop in Midtown. Sit down or get it go, the Philly Cheese Steak Omelet is to die for.

Bagatelle: Part brunch, drag show, club, pa feast, part Nikki beach, sans beach. You get the vibe. Always take the later seating.

Bubby’s: One of the best brunches in NYC, go here if you are looking for a rowdy time with a large group. 

Café Clover: Healthy-ish menu, bright vibe in West Village.

Gallow Green: Rooftop of McKitrick Hotel, jazz brunch with funky and flavorful food. Enjoy during warmer weather.

Jeffery’s Grocery: Memorable brunch and dinner in West Village. Seafood-centric will chill vibe. Known as a neighborhood go-to. 

Kirsch Bakery and Kitchen: Cute and modern Upper West Side spot that offers coffee, breakfast, and incredible bread.

Lil Frankie’s: Best for a group brunch or dinner. Authentic Italian food in East Village paired with a bottomless brunch deal. 


Casa Mono: BOMB Spanish tapas! A personal favorite of the site. Bar Jamon is next door and great while you’re waiting. 

Freeman’s: Down an alley in NoLita tucked in an old house.  Family style food and cozy interior. Intimate setting for a date.

Little Owl: Potentially the smallest restaurant in New York, find it tucked in corner of West Village. Fantastic menu selection and the intimate space makes it a great date spot.

Meatball Shop: Casual spot with a young, hip scene in Lower Manhattan. If you're looking for a sub or slice, this is your shop.

Rubirosa: "Best pizza in NYC”… but really. Hole in the wall in NoLita.

Sadelle’s: Swanky upscale diner in Soho. Towers of smoked salmon  create the most bourgeoisie bagel you’ll ever have.

Seamore’s: Casual seafood in Soho. Upbeat, west-coast vibe. Good drinks, low-key place to take a group.

Socarrat Paella Bar: Best tapas bar on the west side in Chelsea. Must try the Dátiles -- bacon wrapped dates stuffed with Valdeón cheese, almonds, and roasted apple puree.

The Smith: It may be a chain but expect the best mac 'n cheese or gnocchi of your life.

Tartine: BYOB in West Village. One of the few spots that allow your own drinks. Good food and fun vibe. Go for the atmosphere.

The Bao : Incredible Chic eatery in East Village, known for its Shanghai-style Xiao Long Bao Soup Dumplings! 

The Sea Fire Grill: Incredible seafood and raw bar in a swanky, spacious dining room with fireplace. Located in Midtown East, don't be shocked to spend a pretty penny if you book a reservation.

Waverly Inn: Expensive as all hell, but worth it.  Old, endearing building and a New York classic.

Places to Drink

Bonnie Vee: Friendly garden bar in Lower Manhattan that has inventive cocktails, craft beers, and small plates. Very outdoorsy and warm atmosphere.

The Box: The after party option if you don’t mind things getting a little weird and a little less clothed. This is a hip, secret burlesque club that hosts all sorts of A-listers. Make sure to dress to impress. 

Le Poisson Rouge (LPR): A Friday must if you're in the mood for 90s night, this is the best old school dance spot in the Village. If you’re a 90s or early 2000s kid, you can’t go wrong here. 

El Rio Grande: The premier option for quality Mexican food and tequila in Midtown East. Flowing shots and margaritas to pregame before the bars!

Gallow Green: One of NYC’s best rooftop bars. Enjoy views of the skyline from Chelsea paired with extremely fair-priced cocktails. Oh, and don’t forget to grab a dollar slice.

Hotel Chantelle: If you’re looking to dance the night away and remember only most of the details, this is the best place to loosen up. It has three different floors and three different DJs all while being cheaper than most clubs but with the same thrilling vibe and less exclusivity. 

The Jane: A hotel ballroom turned 9th grade dance, but with adults, much better wardrobes, and unlimited alcohol. If you’re trying to jam to Lil Jon, Jesse McCartney, and the song that was playing while you checked out your first crush, this is your spot. Bonus-they let you dance on all of the furniture. 

Maxwell’s: Classic Irish pub right in the heart of Tribeca. 

Mr. Purple: Overlooking the lower east side & always a good time.

Pod39: Young. vibrant and contemporary rooftop venue in central Murray Hill.

PUBLIC: A hotel in the new scene of NYC, sporting very modern, fashionable vibes and a few different scenes to cater to all types of night goers. The rooftop can’t be beat on a nice Summer and Fall evening. 

Tao: The best club that you can actually get in to. 

Places to Stay

Best Hotels for Nightlife:

Standard Hotel: If you are looking to have a good time, but not too much of it, stay at the Standard. Large variety of nightlife options with a great view overlooking the Hudson River.

Gansevoort Meatpacking: A great place to stay in the summer time, make sure to hit up the rooftop pool "Plunge", which turns into a nightclub at night.

Dream, Downtown: Very young, hip and modern feel that is a ton of fun. Highly recommend for young couples visiting the city looking to blow off some steam.

Living The Dream: best hotels to feel like you're living the big city 

dream (other than your traditional Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, etc.).

Mandarin Oriental: An astounding hotel in Columbus circle with great views of Central Park. 

Lotte, New York Palace: If you want to sit down at the bar next to a diplomat or CEO, stay at the New York Palace, which is an incredibly nice hotel

Langham Place, Fifth Ave: Debatably the best hotel in NYC, which is saying something...

Old School / Bruce Wayne Feel:

The Beekman: Recently restored out of a centuries-old building in downtown NYC. Very Great Gatsby-esque, cool scene.

Soho Grand: Old school feel, new school vibes at the bar and restaurant. Very trendy location in Southwest Soho.



Andaz Fifth Avenue: Superb, trendy hotel in Midtown that has one of the coolest bars in New York -- find it hidden in the basement.

Archer Hotel: Trendy boutique hotel, centrally located next to Bryant Park. Rooms are on the smaller side, but it's upscale and won't break the bank.

Airbnb: Worth checking out if you are coming to the city on a budget. You can find interesting spaces such as converted galleries or old warehouses. 


Subway: Easily accessible from all over the city. Travel like locals do and plan your route through Google Maps.


Uber: This tends to be cheaper than cabs. Plus, the cab drivers can be a bit aggressive on the road. 

Manhattan, New York City

Central Park, New York City

Empire State Building, New York City

One World Trade Center

Central Park, New York City

Manhattan, New York City

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Manhattan, New York City

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Manhattan, New York City

Manhattan, New York City

Manhattan, New York City

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