Festival Survival Guide: Know Before You Go

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Music festivals are some of the greatest experiences in the world to travel near or far for. Wherever you find yourself, there is a high likelihood a music festival not too far away.

With thousands of them going on around the world each year, we figured a guide to some must haves would be helpful.

You can find some of our favorite festivals here.

If you have any additions to this list, let us know! We love to hear from you. thetravelogueonline@gmail.com

All festival Must haves:

Your keys to the festival- Wristband, ticket, ID - the goods. Don’t be that guy to forget.

Trash Bag- A trash bag can be good poncho in the rain, a place to sit so your butt doesn’t get wet, or something to shove your things in after a possibly detrimental rain storm.

Sunscreen- It is no fun to be sunburnt on day two, promise. We have been there.

Sunglasses- Block out the haters or block out the sun. Whatever works.

Hat/Bandana- Protect your face and protect your lungs. Depending on the festival things can get a bit dusty-always worth having one just in case.

Camelbak- Hydration is key when you are running around all day to different sets, having a refillable water bottle or Camelbak will be crucial for saving money and alleviating time waiting in purchase lines. Although refill stations can seem daunting, they often move fairly quick.

A Portable Phone Charger- Music festivals are notorious for having bad service and running down your battery, so always have a back up. It's always a good plan to pick a meeting place and time with your friends just in case contact is difficult, then you won’t spend all day running around trying to find service or your friends if necessary.

A Pair of Ear Plugs- Enjoy the music but save your ear drums. We recommend Eargasm.

A Cross-Body Bag Or Fanny-Pack- Keep your cellphone and other valuables close to you, not just in a pocket!

Emergen-C, Airborne, or some other vitamin C. Help yourself out here.

SUNSCREEN- Help yourself, and also keep the oceans health in mind with this reef safe sunscreen we love.

For (the brave souls) camping:

A Tent- You know the drill. A tarp is also recommended for extra protection if you know it is going to rain.

An Air Mattress or Sleeping Pad- Camping at festivals can sometimes feel like extreme

A Flag-Always fun to represent a team or place you love, also great to have as a marker for you and your friends to find your way home in the sea of tents.

A Cooler- Freeze some water bottles, grab more ice than you think you need.

Lawn Chairs- Comfort first. You'll want some back support after a long day of dancing.

Tailgate Tent- Need a space to chill out when you are back from the festival or needing a mid day break? This shade and comfort will be your best friend.

Flashlight or Headlamp- No one wants to stumble around in the dark, trust us on this one.

Food-Nourish your body while raging for the weekend, this is necessary so don’t forget! Make prepacked sandwiches or wraps, and bring things with lots of energy like bars, nut butters, and fruits.

Facial wipes will be your savior.

Dry shampoo.

Trash Bags- Always bring more than you think you need. For more than just trash, you can put your dirty clothes and shoes in here. Cannot have enough.

Ear plugs- So you can actually get a good nights sleep when your neighbors are up playing music all night. Instead of the eargams, we recommend some good old fashioned foam ones to really muffle noise.

Shopping for clothes? Lulus has some great festival options!

Whatever you decide to wear, don’t forget to pack a pair of good walking shoes. You’ll be on your feet the entire time so this is mandatory. Comfort over style when it comes dancing for hours at a time on uneven ground, and make sure you wear close toed shoes to protect your toes from being stepped on!

Hawaiian shirts are always hit. Kenny Flowers is our personal favorite and also offers discounts for groups if you want to coordinate! Pssst - we also have a discount code. Use TRAVELOGUE for 15 percent off!

Hot packing tip: pick your outfits ahead of time, no one wants to waste time or energy making decisions when you are relaxing and enjoying the festival. Help us, help you.

Need to pack the perfect amount of clothes without going overboard? check out this weekender bag from Lo and Sons. Soft top bags or backpacks are the best for camping - you don't want to be wheeling a suitcase around on dirt and grass.

For those wanting a little more comfort:

If you haven't used Airbnb before finding a spot near a festival is perfect because you will usually have a kitchen to use, a clean place to sleep, and a place to unwind. If you have not used Airbnb before, here is a code for $25 dollars off your first stay.

Hotel more your vibe? We recommend using Hotel Tonight app to find awesome last minute deals on a wide range of hotels in most major cities.


This will be dependent on the type of festival but a few things to note.

In cities like NYC, ATL, Chicago public transport may be the quickest way to the festival while avoiding traffic.

For festivals in more rural places-grabbing a spot to stay as close as possible and using services like Uber and Lyft will be your friends.

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