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A Thread of Consciousness: One Traveler's Sustainable Guide

No matter how you slice it, travel is tough on the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions are produced by planes, trains, cars and buses that transport us. Frequently utilized, single-use food containers are tossed in landfills for the sake of convenience. Unfortunately, far too often the very communities, animals and places we are drawn to visit are exploited by our excursions.

As travelers, we have to acknowledge and understand these realities and do what we can to minimize harm. Still, we also have the opportunity to advocate for a more sustainable and equitable future through our expeditions.

Achieving true environmental sustainability requires a global mindset. Meaning, we must fully comprehend the interconnectedness of our natural and social systems. We need to constantly incorporate both the wellbeing of people and the planet into our decision-making.

Globetrotters have the special chance to drive this movement and there are countless ways to make it happen. Through advocating, volunteering, and sharing experiences of fellow travelers and locals, we can compel others to think globally. Hopefully, this enables everyone to take action with empathy. Above all else, it’s crucial the well being of the environment is kept in mind for the greater good.

Consider this ongoing series at the Travelogue as your home-base for mindful, socially and environmentally conscious travel tips, tricks and guides. The great news is there are growing numbers of companies and consumers who understand the need for more efficient and eco-friendly travel. With that in mind, we are here to help make sense of all the information available and feature the options that we think will provide you the best experience.

We hope to help you strike a balance between treading lightly on Mother Earth and soaking up all of the wonders she has to offer, no matter how many miles you cover. What better way to celebrate the planet than exploring every inch of it? We couldn’t think of one either. Let’s get out there, consciously & responsibly.

Charlie Reed

Contributor and Environmentalist

Editors Note:

Charlie Reed is a proud California native. Born and raised in San Diego, she spent her college years in the Bay Area at University of California, Berkeley. Right now, she works, lives, and mainly sits in traffic in Los Angeles. Charlie’s passion for sustainability and social impact have propelled her to spread the word of environmentally-conscious travel. Some of her most memorable trips have been to Cambodia, Tanzania, Japan, Iceland, Utah, and even went to grad school in the UK at Oxford. Look out for Charlie’s guest blogs on sustainable travel!

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