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The All Star Travel Apps You Need

April 27th, 2018

No traveler can around on wit alone. In this mobile age, apps are what aid, enhance, and guide our journeys. Everything from hitching a ride, finding a bed, or deciphering directions, here’s our list of favorite apps and ones we wouldn’t travel without!

Miami, FL


Uber: When it comes to catching a ride, Uber can often be the cheapest, safest, and most accessible bet. With tracking of your ride’s arrival, a price preview before you enter the car, and detailed information on the driver’s history makes this option more reliable than random cabs. In places where you don't speak the language, entering in your destinations address can help avoid confusion.

Grab: Ride sharing app in Singapore and neighboring Southeast Asian nations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia. This is a good alternative to have when traveling in Southeast Asian countries where Uber may not be available.

Hopper: Hopper tracks past and predicts future airfare prices. You can “watch” your next flight and get a notification when prices drop.

Google Flights: An easy way to track and plan flights. You can see current and past fares, plus how they are predicted to change. Make sure to track the prices on flights you are considering so you get notified if they change. This search engine will bring in most airline options.


Google Maps: This reliable mapping service allows route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle, or public transportation. Maps have ability to be downloaded for offline use.

Maps. Me: This app has the capability to download countless cities around the world. Not only can you access these maps offline, but they will show you the exact locations of points of interest (statutes, hotels, museums).

City Mapper: This mapping app provides transit maps with real-time departure information. From buses to trains, walking to biking, this app will help you get around just about any town.


Airbnb: An online marketplace for people to lease or rent short-term accommodations. Airbnb’s new “experience” feature is now available and gets renters connected with local professionals that facilitate walking tours or individualized activities.

Hotel Tonight: This app allows users to identify and book discounted hotel rooms up to seven days in advance throughout the Americas, Europe and Australia. Often, these prices are up to 50% lower than that of other hotel booking sites.


Roadtrippers:Handy app that helps travelers plan road trips to hit the best stops along the way. Enter your point of origin and your destination and this app will recommend points of interest. The is currently available in the United States and Canada.

AllTrails: Explore the outdoors and discover hiking, biking, backpacking and running trails around the world.


Pack Point: A packing checklist is crucial for any prepared traveler, so what if someone could make that list for you? Input your destination and travel dates and this app will create a weather-specific packing list for you. You can also insert activities you plan on doing for even more detailed recommendations.


Google Translate: With more than 100 languages available for translation, and over 50 of those being available for download and offline use, this is a must have app for any traveler. Make sure to download the necessary languages before your next trip!

Duolingo: How about some basic conversational knowledge before taking off on your next adventure? A free app, quickly learn over 25 different languages. Millions of people from dozens of countries have had great success using this app to get around and chat with locals.

WhatsApp:Over 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp. This app allows you to stay in touch with friends and family for free while traveling internationally. WhatsApp offers secure, reliable messaging and calling.


Mobile Passport: Don't have Global Entry? Then Mobile Passport is the next best thing when it comes to getting through United States Customs. If you input the same information you would on a traditional customs form, it’ll allow you to go in a shorter and faster line.

My Currency Converter: This app make its easy to track how much you’re spending in a currency you may not be as familiar with. Choose your currency and the currency of any countries you may visit and find daily conversion rates. This app will update anytime you’re on Wifi.

Google Trips: Want all your reservations in one place? Look no further. We cannot believe it took us so long to use this app, we are almost embarrass-be better than us and download it before your next trip.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Safe Travels!

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