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Travel More, Spend Less: Dollar Flight Club

Elizabeth Koehler | January 28th, 2019

When I first saw the emails flooding in, I couldn't believe my eyes. Daily, I was getting tons of flight deals, for my selected airports, to literally around the world! Vietnam, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Norway, Australia, Hawaii, you name it. Not only was Dollar Flight Club fueling my desire to travel, it was helping me do so in a more budget friendly way.

So hold up, what is this magical site, you ask? Dollar Flight Club. Dollar Flight Club is a flight deal subscription service. Over 500,000+ people use this service, and on average, subscribers save 500 USD on international flights! The premium option costs 40 dollars a year, but think about it...if you save $500 on even just one flight, you're more than 12x making your money back.

Now, after perusing, you might realize, hey! But there's a free option? Sure thing, there is. But the premium subscription is where you're really going to get the good deals. In comparison to one random flight deal a day (that may or may not be your home airport), the premium subscription sends any and all deals from your selected departure airports - and yes, you can choose more than one. Just check out all these amazing deals that have come straight to my inbox!

The best part of the premium subscription is being able to select multiple departure airports. While Denver is my actual home airport, I've also added LAX and Chicago. This is because I know I can typically use points to get to these airports relatively easily, and flights from LAX to South East Asia, or from Chicago to Europe, are typically more direct and cheaper. It also gives you a better variety if you want to spend some time in a US city before heading abroad!

Not only does having the subscription make it easy to save if you already have plans (you can get texts alerts if a specific flight comes up and you already know you're headed there!), Dollar Flight Club also allows you to be spontaneous and book that vacation to that place you've always wanted to go. If I haven't sold you yet, click here to get more information. Who knows, you might just be headed on your dream vacation!

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