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Special thanks to Esther Schorr for the recommendations

From the colorful history that's preserved in a plethora of museums to the beautiful and green landscape, Sweden is a breath of fresh air for anyone looking for a slow-paced, relaxing vacation.


Views of Stockholm Archipelago


Gotland is an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea off the eastern coast of Sweden - sitting opposite Latvia, with Poland off its southern-most point.  Gotland is a world unto itself, with a slower more rural pace and a culture apart from Stockholm. Visby is the main city on Gotland and Faro, the island off the coast is also worth a visit.

Things to Do

Central Gotland: Visby

Rent bikes and tour around the scenic city.  There's a good bike path that winds through parts of the walled city and along the waterfront.


Visit the main cathedral that dates back to the 12th century.


Stroll through the beautiful botanical gardens (Botaniska Tradgarden) located within the old walled city. 

Southern Gotland


Check out the Lars Jonnson Museum and garden grounds that showcase this globally well-known artist who draws and paints incredible pictures of the multitude of birds in Gotland and Sweden.  There's also a beautiful garden café out back.

Fun fact: you may see boat shaped grave sites (called Gannarve) – a boat shaped set of stones that housed the remains of ancient folks from the area. These date back to the late Bronze Age and can be found in many places on Gotland.

Places to Eat

Central Gotland: Visby

Bad Wolf BBQ: If you're in the mood for some good old Texas barbeque (the ribs are amazing) or Tex Mex, this is real find. Reasonable prices and relaxed atmosphere. Loads of American craft beers, too.

Northern Gotland: Faro


Creperie Tati:  Down a dirt road in a very unspectacular location, this place is an ode to old cars and Elvis. Although a bit shabby, the crepes were awesome!

Places to Stay

Central Gotland: Visby

We recommend Airbnb. If you are looking for a quiet gem, there is a wonderful old vicarage that has been converted to an apartment.  Located about 20 minutes from central Visby, it's in a quiet spot with lovely gardens, surrounded by farmland and next door to one of 90+ churches on the island.  



It's about a three-hour ferry ride to Gotland from Stockholm. You have a choice of booking an open seating or a reserved seat ticket.  For a little bit extra, the reserved seats are more plush, have electrical outlets and can be in areas of the ferry that show movies on the way over/back. You can either go as a "walk on" passenger or with a car. The ferry takes you to the main city on Gotland - Visby.  Link to the ferry can be found here


Streets of Stockholm


Streets of Stockholm




Gardens in Stockholm



Swedish Lapland is the Arctic part of Sweden where, depending on the time of year, you visit you can see the northern lights or the midnight sun. Two special places in Lapland worth a visit are Kiruna and Lulea.

Things to Do

Kiruna is a small mining town located smack center of the Aurora oval. It is home to Abisko National Park, Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise and the ski resorts Björkliden and Riksgränsen

There's not much to do in Kiruna in the summer except for tour the mine.  This may not sound exciting, except it is!  It is the largest and most modern underground iron ore mine in the world that is expanding. The tour is extensive.

In the winter, Kiruna has plenty of skiing and dogsledding available.

Places to Stay

Camp Ripan: You can camp, stay in an RV, or book into a private cabin.  There is an attached spa and nice restaurant, along with a "Midnight Sun" hiking trail on the property.

General Tips

Kiruna is a 15 hour overnight train ride from Stockholm.  While it is interesting to see, we recommend visiting in the winter for the most activities.


Vasa Museum 





Things to Do

Take a walking tour of Malmo with a local guide - there are a few available through Airbnb Experiences - well worth it.  You'll see city-sanctioned graffiti walls with new artwork every day; the Turning Torso building - a neo-futurist residential skyscraper that twists up 54 stories; a completely carbon-neutral village on the waterfront, and much more.

Check out the waterfront overlooking the bridge to Copenhagen - a real gathering place in the summer to get a tan, chill out, and watch gorgeous sunsets.

Stroll through Lilla Torg -  a cobblestone square with cafes, half-timbered houses and shops selling local handicrafts.

Visit Malmö Castle - a 16th-century fortress built by King Christian III of Denmark that houses nature, history and art exhibits. 

Places to Eat

Malmö Saluhall: Upscale food court with great options.  Find everything from spicy hand-pulled vegan noodles to gourmet pizza to incredible gelato here. 

Eida: Great for a light meal and yummy baked goods. The portions are generous and the salads are imaginative and abundant. Everything is homemade, and vegan options are available.  Really relaxed, homey environment and moderately priced.


Things to Do

Stockholm is known for having some of the best museums around:
    Fotografiska: Our favorite. Various installations of contemporary photography.
    Vasa: Home to an impressive 17th century ship.
    ABBA: Interactive exhibition of the famous ABBA band.
    Nationalmuseum: An ode to Sweden's culture, design and great accomplishments.


Take a stroll along the paths of Monteliusvägen for great views.


Swing on the Gröna Lund inside an amusement park on the water.


Wander the adorable streets of Gamla Stan (old city). Stortoget is the oldest square in Stockholm.


Take the metro and check out the underground art.

Places to Eat

B.A.R.: If you love oysters, this is the place for you. Also some of the best fresh bread and burrata we have ever had.


Under Kastanjen HB: Cute café tucked away on an adorable street with great sandwiches and delicious Swedish meatballs. Also the best gluten free-friendly restaurant in the city.


Fåfängan: A buffet brunch hidden at the top of a hill with impressive views over the city.


K25: Food hall with tons of options.


Punk Royale: Set course menu and guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. Recommended to have a few drinks beforehand ;)


Ling Long: Great Asian cuisine recommended by a local.

Places to Drink

Lydmar Hotel: An adorable outdoor bar right next to the national museum. Grab an Aperol spritz and enjoy the scenery.


TAK skybar: Posh spot great for day drinks or sunset cocktails. There are a few rooftop bars connected to TAK as well. Such a fun place-not to be missed!

Trädgården: Eclectic outdoor bar/club hidden under a huge bridge. A favorite of locals and tourists alike.


Hillenberg Bar: Trendy and great for cocktails.

Places to Stay

We recommend Airbnb.


The metro is easy to navigate and connects most of the city. Uber is also an option.


Streets of Stockholm


Friends Arena


Above Stockholm


Hedvig Eleonora Church


Stockholm docks



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